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Ashley Bouldin
Ashley Bouldin
online 1 year ago


6 December 2018


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Abeka 3rd grade

6 October 2020, 16:25

Kentucky, Crow Valley

Price 150 USD

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ad abeka 3rd grade



Privat person / Business

Privat person

Full third grade set. this list includes what i have, and a couple of the consumables that need to be purchased. i have the 3rd grade video guide as the curriculum guide. all keys are included, unless specified below. the hyphens indicate my notes.

104213 Paths to Adventure

104248 Footprints

69914 Swiss Family Robinson

104264 Crossroads

104345 Better Bridges

104299 Pilgrim Boy

104329 Secret in the Maple Tree

104361 Worlds of Wonder

111287 Doors to Discovery

104396 Pilgrim's Progress

104426 Read and Think 3 Skill Sheets

-104434 Language 3(half finishes)

104469 Language 3 Test Book and key

112755 Spelling and Poetry 3 (no key)

-111988 Cursive Writing Skillbook(not included)

-104515 Arithmetic 3(30 lessons completed)

-104531 Arithmetic 3 Tests and Speed Drills( (Key only)

104612 Exploring God's World and key

104647 Exploring God's World Quiz, Test, and Worksheet Book and key

104663 Health Safety and Manners 3 and key

104698 Health, Safety, and Manners 3 Quiz, Test, and Worksheet Bookand key

*health and science curriculum/parent guide

104728 Our American Heritage and key

104744 Our American Heritage Quiz and Test Book and key

104779 Our American Heritage Map Skills Book and key



Ashley Bouldin
Ashley Bouldin
online 1 year ago


6 December 2018




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