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Books and series from movies , scholastic etc

10 July 2020, 12:22

New York, South Trenton

Price 1 USD

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ad books and series from movies , scholastic etc.



Privat person / Business

Privat person

Chronicle of narnia 14

Star Wars 1 and 3 plus LEGO s Star Wars 7

Judy Blume 4 9

High school musical one ,two and 3 good condition 5

singles now all 3 each 2 if 5 or more

Racing in the rain 3

Hotel for Dogs 3

How to eat fried worms3

Harriet the spy3

Jack sparrow 5

Lion witch wardrobe 5

Holes 4

The incredible journey 5

Stuart little 3

Spoon boy 5

Treasure island classics 7

Sponge Bob 3

Shriek forever after 3

Galactic of Hotdogs4

Land of Stoties wishing spells 5

The ghost of Crutchfield halls 4

Priced as lots , sets stay together, I do have some extras

Single. Priced dependable upon how many and what you want . Priced under used market. Some new all excellent except high school musical is very good other than written on a bit.



Lori Wells
Lori Wells
online 1 year ago


5 December 2018




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