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Great Big Holiday Celebrations

9 November 2020, 21:47

Kansas, Leawood

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Great Big Holiday Celebrations

The ideas in Great Big Holiday Celebrations are great starter ideas to use to lead into lessons. The other reason this is a great resource is that it has holiday worded songs set to familiar tunes that are known. One of the ideas is 'Five Christmas Cookies' you can make felt pieces for each cookie following the colors in the song and then the children can act out the song as it is sung. Take the ideas in the book and expanded it to make the experience a social as well as a musical learning time. It is a good resource book to go to for new ideas and finding something new that to use to meet learning goals and the learning needs of individual children.

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no rips or writing but name has been blackened out inside cover




Robyn Luethge
Robyn Luethge
online 1 year ago


5 December 2018




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