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Incense powder

2 September 2020, 18:28

California, Davis

Price 16 USD

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Privat person / Business

Privat person

Powdered incense

16 USD each + 6 USD shipping

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This incense blend that i came up with smells so good i won't mind keeping it if it doesn't sell. 3 very powerful ingredients are in this jar, White and Mayan copal resin that I've pounded into a powder, palo santo wood that has been turned into a fine grade dust and broken bay leaves. On top of the incense powder is a piece of black tissue paper that is only there to separate the incense powder from the charcoal disk that you burn the incense on.

To use - light coal on a fire proof dish, let the coal spark and fully ignite before you put a pinch of the incense powder on the coal at a time to burn. USE FIRE SAFETY. To extinguish the coal before it goes out on it's own, dump it in a bowl of water. Please make sure you do not touch the lit coal or drop it on any non fire proof surface as it will burn. USE FIRE SAFETY.

I'm not responsible for any injuries or damaged caused by negligence.

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Doecelyn Kneeshaw
Doecelyn Kneeshaw
online 1 year ago


8 December 2018




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