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Kid Concoctions 4 books in 1 10th Anniversary Edition

11 September 2020, 17:31

Tennessee, Dixie Homes

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ad kid concoctions 4 books in 1 10th anniversary edition



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Kid Concoctions 4 books in 1 10th Anniversary Edition

This book is actually 4 books in 1

The Ultimate Book of Kid Concoctions: More Than 65 Wacky, Wild & Crazy Concoctions -A collection of TOP SECRET instructions for creating home made versions of popular toy store items including: Gooey Gunk, Funny Putty, Sidewalk Chalk, Creepie Crawlers, Treasure Stones, Lip Gloss, Grass Head Guys, Shake & Make Ice Cream, Squeeze Rockets and many more.

The Ultimate Book of Kid Concoctions 2 - Kids should have a ball creating such wonders as an edible ocean (gummy fish suspended in Jell-O) or a greenhouse grown in a plastic bag. Among the 78 recipes are instructions for making such revolutionary new artistic mediums as whipped cream finger paint, dryer lint clay, and toothpaste putty. Quite a few of the concoctions are edible--chocolate bowls and fruity leather roll-ups sound particularly delicious--while others make great party activities or simple gifts. Almost all the concoctions make a perfect diversion for a bored child on a rainy afternoon.

The Ultimate Book of Holiday Kid Concoctions - In this new book you will find over 50 wacky, wild and crazy concoctions and crafts along with tips, ideas, and a brief history of 15 popular holidays.

Kid Concoctions & Contraptions - Quickly duplicate popular toy store concoctions and contraptions with common household items for just pennies. In this book you will find dozens of all new wacky, wild and creative recipes for creating exciting projects such as: Super Bubble Ooze, Phony Spill, Pocket Rocket, Shrinky Doos, Silly Scents, Pickle Potion, Indoor Hot Air Balloon, Wacky Tattoos, Gooey Gun Drops, Magic Marble Dip, Balloon Hovercraft, Wacky Window Paint, Sea Monster Farm, Hydro Jet Boat, Movie Glass Candy, And many more

Book is in good shape with no rips or writing

$12 plus shipping of $3.32




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