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Metuchen pouch

31 August 2020, 7:15

Illinois, Township of Seneca

Price 40 USD

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Privat person / Business

Privat person

Power Pouch

- Basil collection

40 dollars USD + 6 dollars USD shipping

* 1 available

This super special decorated medicine bag is a one of a kind treasure. Created from genuine deer leather. This pitch features so much magic! The bones on this are rabbit. There are 2 rib bones that are wire wrapped onto the fringe with sterling silver wire, on the fringe you'll also find little brass beads. There's a little silver moon charm on the bottom seam to invoke moon energy. The flap of the pouch has a vertebra and a leg bone.

* These bones were ethically harvested, cleaned and processed by myself.

The flap is also decorated with labradorite and orange kyanite. Labradorite is considered to be the mystic stone, to help open your intuition and protect you from negativity. Orange kyanite is a creativity enhancing stone, opens the sacral Chakra, helps ease depression. I've also hand stitched some runes, protection and journey. May this pouch protect you on your journeys. The straps have some beautiful African brass bead accents.

This pouch measures 4 inches in length + the fringe × 3 inches wide. The pouch sits at mid chest level, to shorten it I take the back and twist it into a loose knot.

* A lobster clasp could be added if specified and the pouch length shortened.

Fill this pouch with crystals, herbs sacred trinkets or whatever it is that you desire! This pouch will be sent with a clear quartz point inside. I hope this piece brings you some magic!

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Doecelyn Kneeshaw
Doecelyn Kneeshaw
online 1 year ago


8 December 2018




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